Bill & Bobbie

Bill and Bobbie Boggess are enjoying visiting supporters and friends as they are back in the U.S. living and traveling in their RV after spending 34 years in France. They are grateful for time to share the joy of adoptable baby “Samuel” the Lord provided their son Brian and his wife. Bill will be joining ELI in July equipping French speaking church leaders in Africa. Pray as they feel the loss of friends and ministry, and for their other two sons to walk with the Lord.

For more info on Bill & Bobbie see page 81 of the prayer guide.


Jackie is grateful for fruitful training on sharing the faith and being able to lead a training to university students (in Indonesian!) on how to build relationships with those of the majority religion. Pray she can continue to stay connected with them. Pray for her friend Amanda to grow in her leadership ability and for the opportunity for some contact with students and parents in an under-resourced neighborhood of her city.

For more info on Jackie see page 26 of the prayer guide.


Leonardo De Chirico shares with us that Breccia Di Roma Church continues to grow in the heart of Rome and has planted another church in the San Paolo area. They have been planting seeds with young people through Reformation walks with over 600 students learning about the gospel. Pray as they continue to proclaim the gospel in various ways to residents and refugees.

Andy & Brooke

Andy and Brooke continue their transition into life and ministry in the US working with Campus Outreach International. He is recruiting, training, teaching, and speaking to college age individuals as he seeks to multiply CO staff in many countries. Meanwhile Brooke continues to homeschool Esther while awaiting restored health from the several medical procedures she has endured this year. Pray for the multiplication of workers and restorative strength.

For more info on Andy & Brooke see page 58 of the prayer guide.

Kazakhstan SP Needs ST Trip

A team of women from Second is going to serve with Ruslan and Zhanna in ministry to special needs families June 21-July 1. Catherine Burns leads the team of Antoinette Good, Margaret Ziegenhorn, Emily Newman, Katie Harris and Jeanne Damoff who will serve the moms of younger special needs kids while Zhanna’s team serves the kids. Pray the gospel will be seen and heard by parents and young people alike and that the team will have grace and strength to communicate God’s love across language and cultural barriers.

Steve & Lizzie

Steve and Lizzie Donley are looking forward to spending time this summer deepening connections with their team in Romania and assisting with summer camps in preparation for their move to Cluj with Josiah Ventures later this year. Pray for building a sure foundation in their marriage and preparing them for a life of ministry together.

For more info on Steve & Lizzie see page 38 of the prayer guide.

Dave & Robin

SGl, which Dave and Robin lead, has a multi-faceted ministry in the Middle East. They have planted 5,000 fruit trees and vines at farms & orchards destroyed by war, and they are working with refugee women to knit/crochet hand puppets to be given to refugee children bringing joy to the children and a bit of income, dignity, and purpose to the women. Dave and Robin are recruiting individuals and groups for various camps and ministry centers to help with refugee needs.

For more info on Dave & Robin see page 6 of the prayer guide.

Mike & Stephanie

As Mike and Stephanie prepare for their transition back to the US, God has shown them examples of the fruits of their labor in participating in the baptism of a seminary student, from a country of no known believers, that they had prayed for 35 years ago. On a trip to Morocco to visit ABTS graduates they revisited a business they frequented when they lived there and the owner produced their card from 30 years ago. Pray for sweet memories, for preaching to a church of Syrian refugees, and for growing friendships with ABTS students.

For more info on Mike & Stephanie see page 81 of the prayer guide.

Tezar & Tatiana

Pray for Tezar and Tatiana as they lead Covenant City Church, which has grown to 150 in weekly attendance. Pray they will be able to equip and train new leaders so the church can continue to grow, welcoming new people and discipling those already involved. Pray for grace to adjust to parenting two children while shepherding a growing congregation.

For more info on Tezar & Tatiana see page 34 of the prayer guide.

Clarke & Khrystya

Pray for Clarke and Khrystya as they work to equip their church youth for reaching their friends in Lviv. In their young church there is only one teen who has grown up in the church with believing parents, pray for Svityk as he goes on to university and becomes part of RUF there. Pray for the Nortons’ outreach to other teens in the city.

For more info on Clarke & Khrystya see page 51 of the prayer guide.